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Providing modern legal services with a focus on client satisfaction.

Innovators turn to the well-recognized and respected attorneys at Quicker Law to create, manage, monetize, protect, and enforce their most valuable assets: their domestic and international patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

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Quicker Law offers comprehensive intellectual property services across many areas of law.

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Obtaining patent rights can provide businesses with a compelling resource to help engage in investment, merger, acquisition, and market share opportunities. Both nationally and internationally, the Quicker Law team helps its clients achieve strong and secure patent rights to meet their goals. Battle-tested, the Quicker Law team knows how to best navigate the USPTO and work with foreign associates to achieve our clients’ goals while simultaneously providing cost-effective and skilled legal representation.


In addition to obtaining and maintaining patent rights, the Quicker Law team is experienced in helping our clients develop, protect, and improve their patent portfolios. Incomparably, our team helps clients identify and take hold of opportunities involving patent rights and identify and eradicate infringement risks and occurrences.


At Quicker Law, we understand the importance of your company’s brand and are committed to protecting it.

Our experienced team offers the full range of services aimed at safeguarding your trademarks, and we work alongside you to tailor our strategies to meet your business objectives. We regularly conduct and analyze trademark clearance searches; prepare, file, prosecute, and manage trademark applications and registrations; help enforce trademarks through cease-and-desist letters; negotiate licensing and co-existence agreements; and when necessary, represent clients in infringement disputes. Our capabilities extend globally, as we partner with our trusted network of trademark practitioners to assist our clients with international trademark registration, enforcement, and litigation. Clients also depend on us for product labeling and packaging advice, trade dress protection, anti-counterfeiting strategies, domain name disputes, and cybersquatting relief.

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Every organization has copyright matters.

We have decades of experience assisting clients with obtaining copyright registrations, acquiring rights to copyrighted works, licensing copyright assets, enforcing our clients’ creative rights, and clearing and defending our clients’ rights to make lawful use of others’ content. Whether it be a website, advertising materials, jewelry designs, choreography, musical compositions, photographs, literary works, product designs, mobile applications, databases, computer software, or beyond, Quicker Law can help.


Our team capably guides our clients as they create and commercialize copyright content through everchanging uses of technology. Using our extensive experience handling copyright infringement matters and copyright ownership disputes, we assist clients by preparing copyright assignments, work-for-hire agreements, and copyright licenses, and by providing opinions on copyrightability, ownership, protection, avoidance strategies, and fair use.

We also have successfully represented clients in copyright disputes in district court and appellate venues and achieved precedential results in copyright law. In addition, we are experienced in advising on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbors and filing and responding to DMCA takedown notices.

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Often, a company’s trade secrets drive its success. These most valuable assets may include proprietary formulas, methods of manufacturing, product designs, software, marketing information, business plans, product pricing lists, and customers lists. And the loss of a trade secret can undercut a company’s competitive advantage. Given the highly mobile workforce, technology that makes employee misappropriation effortless, and the growth of industrial espionage, implementing a robust trade secret protection program is critical to a company’s longevity.

Quicker Law advises clients on “best practices” to protect their trade secrets and to avoid theft of their IP assets, and on how to mobilize to enforce their IP rights when faced with threatened misappropriation. We are well-versed in developing trade secret protection policies and conducting on-site employee training programs, and we prioritize staying current on any state-to-state differences in trade secret case law. Our team regularly assists our clients with preparing employee agreements and proprietary information agreements with restrictive covenants (e.g., non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation), confidential information and invention disclosure agreements, assignment agreements, and research collaboration and development agreements.

When threatened misappropriation occurs, we recognize that time is of the essence, and stand ready with the necessary skills to litigate breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition claims through trial and appeal, including prosecuting and opposing claims for temporary restraining orders and permanent injunctive relief.

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Quicker Law attorneys have delivered excellent results for plaintiffs and defendants in complex intellectual property disputes for almost thirty years.


We have assisted a range of clients—including multinational companies, leading academic institutions, mid-sized companies, startups, and individuals—as lead counsel in litigation proceedings before state and federal courts, administrative agencies, international tribunals, and arbitration panels.


Our goals are our clients’ goals. Although we are more than capable of resolving disputes before trial, at our core, we are tenacious courtroom litigators. Our accomplished and talented team brings trial-tested experience to matters involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, breach of contract, and antitrust issues, and in matters that ultimately have reshaped the law.


Whether our clients are developing, buying, adopting, commercializing, selling, or licensing intellectual property assets, Quicker Law combines sophisticated IP specialists with robust commercial transactions experience to deliver exceptional results in transactional matters involving all facets of intellectual property across wide-ranging technologies.


We regularly conduct intellectual property audits to evaluate client portfolios and provide our clients with strategic advice on how they can obtain and protect intellectual property assets, both domestically and internationally, as well as commercially exploit and leverage their assets to maximize the value of their investments. At the same time, we routinely perform due diligences and intangible asset evaluations to identify any risks for potential litigation associated with others’ intellectual property assets and counsel our clients on decreasing those risks.


Our attorneys are adept at crafting, negotiating, structuring, and drafting an array of complex arrangements between entities that govern the manufacture, procurement, and distribution of products and services, including acquisition agreements, IP licenses, litigation settlement agreements, development arrangements, collaboration agreements, joint ventures, supply agreements, distribution agreements, reseller agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and manufacturing agreements.

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